Mas Sajady Interview – Quantum Healer

I had the good fortune of booking Mas Sajady on the LIving Energy Secrets Show! He was a huge success on the call with Crystel Hughes.  Mas is a quantum healer and success energizer.  He has amazing healing abilities.

A little background on Mas, he had two near death experiences and after the second one, he […]

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Work Place Relationships – Shifting Corporate Energy

Do you have relationship issues in the work place?

Do you problems with a coworker or a boss?

Do you feel valued at work?

Are you frustrated with negativity at work?

Do you feel you are in a dead end job?

Imagine working in a happy place?  What would work be like if you enjoyed getting up and going to […]

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Access Consciousness – Running the Bars

A dear friend is going through a rough patch in her life right now.  She has been having a difficult time sleeping through the night due to stress. I offered to give her a ‘head massage’ in the hopes of giving her some peace of mind.

So I ‘ran the bars’ on my friend which is […]

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Global Promotion Program – Tele Series Guests

Many of you know that I have over 20 years of performance coaching in the corporate world. I love to help people achieve their goals and find happiness in their life. It truly is an unbelievable feeling when together my client & I reach the pinnacle of their dreams.

What people do not know about me […]

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Energy Scanning with Dan Hanneman

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dan Hanneman who is a master at energy scanning the human body. Dan is known as the Energy Blockbuster! In this interview Dan discusses how he does his energy scan and how he is teaching others to do it!

I had an energy scan with Dan and in 5 […]

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Life Changing Question

Today I was presented with a question that truly put me in touch with my mission and heart felt passion. I am very grateful to Dan Hanneman who posed this question to me and opening my world of possibilities. Thank you, Dan!

Here is the question –> If you had a mega phone and only 5 […]

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