Are You Rock Star Ready?

Telesummits and teleseries are the craze these days.  There are so many different telesummits taking place that are benefiting the masses on many levels. For example, I help gifted healers hone, tweak, package and pitch their gifts/talents to the world via telesummits.  What better way to get your gifts out to the world in massive […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all moms around the world a beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day!

Mothers are the reason we are here on the planet. They are the creators of the world, the master creators! Heck they created perfection of you and me! We are the divine creation of God. So in essence, our mothers are the creators of […]

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Mastering Your Phenomenal Life

Introducing Rikka Zimmerman and Access Consciousness. Here is a short video of Rikka and friends talking about mastering their phenomenal life workshop. If you have not met Rikka and her work as an access consciousness facilitator, you are in for a treat. She brings amazing tips, tools, techniques on how to discover the […]

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Awakening to Consciousness

One of the many talents I have is to connect conscious workers in this world to the many fabulous telesummit or internet radio show hosts.  I love to give healers and conscious workers a platform to get their God given talents out to the world to experience!

I have clients who are now house hold names […]

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