Hold a Thought for 17 Sec and it Starts to Manifest! ~ Law of Attraction

Esther Hicks speaks briefly in this video of the importance of holding a thought for 17 seconds in manifesting your desire!  How difficult can that be?

How about creating a money vortex or a love vortex? Imagine how your life will change!  This short 6 minute video has wonderful inspirational and educational points on creating your […]

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5 Levels of Manifesting

Mind Valleys founder Vishen Lakhiani speaks to us about his 5 Levels of Manifesting!

Mild Awareness
Specific Intent
Release of Past Programming
State of Allowing
Personal Bubble of Reality


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Jarrad Hewett’s Energy Journey – Release Everything

My client Jarrad Hewett has created some Amazing Energy Journeys set to beautiful music and loaded with healing frequencies!

This one I share with you is called – Release Everything!

Listen to it when you have time and space to heal! Let go and let the beauty of this Energy Journey soothe you.  You will feel lighter […]

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