Dr Wayne Dyer Healed by John of God

This is a powerful video of Dr Wayne Dyer and Abraham via Esther Hicks.  Wayne Dyer asks Abraham if John of God healed him of Leukemia!

Very inspirational video on healing, alignment, clarity, connecting with God etc.

Sent with love to you!


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Who is Braco?

Who is Braco? Recently I was introduced to Braco and his amazing gazing abilities to heal. So I went on youtube to watch some videos of Braco and was amazed he was invited to the UN. This video shows Braco a native of Croatia who spends time at the UN.

People have said Braco thrives on […]

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Dr Robert Pease – Intuitive Numerologist

Meet Dr Robert Pease, an intuitive numerologist!  Dr Robert is a gifted healer!  He not only gives you a numerology reading, he offers you an intuitive reading as well.  Hence, you are getting 2 for 1 when you have a personal reading from Dr Robert!

You can experience Dr Robert Pease on the New Wealth Revolution […]

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Matrix Energetics – Allowing for New Possibilities

Allow yourself new possibilities. Melissa at Matrix Energetics shows in this video how to open up to new possibilities and how to fall into this new possibility! Whether it is spiritual, physical, emotional, mental changes you are seeking, matrix energetics allows for this change to occur in your life!

Check out this short video of Matrix […]

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Healers Wanted

If you have been healed either physically, mentally, emotionally by a gifted healer, I want to hear about it!  I am in search of a gifted healer who can help many people with their talents!

Imagine if others could be healed of what you were healed of. Tell me about your healing experience and the healer […]

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Jarrad Hewett – Ascension Healer

My client Jarrad Hewett is busy on the Tele Summit circuit these days promoting his I am co creation program! Jarrad is a gifted healer who has amazing gifts to perceive and know the issues & beliefs that are holding you back from being your ideal self. Jarrad is so quick, I call him ‘lightening.”

You […]

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Mastering Your Phenomenal Life

Introducing Rikka Zimmerman and Access Consciousness. Here is a short video of Rikka and friends talking about mastering their phenomenal life workshop. If you have not met Rikka and her work as an access consciousness facilitator, you are in for a treat. She brings amazing tips, tools, techniques on how to discover the […]

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