Jarrad Hewett’s Energy Journey – Release Everything

My client Jarrad Hewett has created some Amazing Energy Journeys set to beautiful music and loaded with healing frequencies!

This one I share with you is called – Release Everything!

Listen to it when you have time and space to heal! Let go and let the beauty of this Energy Journey soothe you.  You will feel lighter […]

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Need a Virtual Hug?


Sending you LOVE today with a virtual hug! This short video from Dawn Clark is infused with the frequency of a hug!

Spread the love to someone who needs a hug today and know they will receive the healing energy of a hug!

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Hooponopono is a heartfelt meditation that shifts your energy to a higher vibration. Hooponopono originated in Hawaii and means ‘to make right.’ Essentially to make it right with your ancestors or your relationships. The miracle healing energy of hooponopono would not be found if not for the visibility Joe Vitale from the movie ‘The Secret’ […]

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