Matrix Energetics – A Consciousness Technology

I want to introduce you to a very fun healing modality. I must say this is truly a fun experience and an easy way to release pain, trauma, fears etc.

I first came across a video of Dr Richard Bartlett, the creator of Matrix Energetics approximately 4 years ago. The video so intrigued me, […]

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How to Relieve Pain with EFT Tapping

Kathy Raymond demonstrates in this video how to use emotional freedom technique – EFT – to relieve pain. She offers the short version of EFT with a minimum of two rounds. Tapping each meridian point at least 7 times. For chronic pain, you will want to tap more than 3 rounds. Tap […]

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EFT for Chronic Emotional, Physical, Pain & Illness

Learn about the emotional freedom technique – EFT and how it can help you with chronic emotional, physical pain.

This is an informative video about EFT from Ken Calcaterra on how you can learn to release the energy in your body through EFT tapping. EFT can dissolve the blocked energy in your body to maintain […]

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Are You Living With Chronic Pain?

Are you living with chronic pain? Is chronic pain a part of your life?

Imagine for a moment a life without pain. What would that look like for you? How would your life change?

Many people live with pain because they feel it is their destiny or they do not know of any other pain release techniques. […]

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Empowerment Over Pain

Recently I did a call on how you can have empowerment over pain. Imagine being able to master pain. I share with you a 33 min call where I discuss the following….

On this call you will learn:

* The Truth about Pain
* How To Dissolve Pain in your Body
* How Easy Pain can be Transformed
* […]

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Make 2012 Your Best Year

As 2011 has come to a close and 2012 has begun, I want to let you in on a little secret.

It’s your time!  Yes it is.

2012 is your time to be who you really want to be.  Make a decision on your direction and set your sails. Make it your year!

No more waiting. No more […]

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