Jarrad Hewett’s 52 wk Frequency Challenge

World renowned Energy healer and three times bestselling author, and Frequency expert Jarrad Hewett brings you the Ultimate Energetic and Healing Experience!

Everything is energy; therefore everything has an energetic frequency. The frequency tracks in this unprecedented new program work like giant tuning forks that vibrate through your entire energy field, changing your resonance and bathing […]

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Emotional DNA – Are We Becoming our Parents?

Are we becoming our Parents?  Check out this short segment on the Today Show!

When do we become our mothers?? Most women believe we become our mothers at age 31!

Per the Today Show, Sascha de Gersdorff & Dr Janet Taylor like to call it emotional dna. It is behaviors passed down from generation to generation. We […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all moms around the world a beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day!

Mothers are the reason we are here on the planet. They are the creators of the world, the master creators! Heck they created perfection of you and me! We are the divine creation of God. So in essence, our mothers are the creators of […]

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Awakening to Consciousness

One of the many talents I have is to connect conscious workers in this world to the many fabulous telesummit or internet radio show hosts.  I love to give healers and conscious workers a platform to get their God given talents out to the world to experience!

I have clients who are now house hold names […]

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Life Changing Question

Today I was presented with a question that truly put me in touch with my mission and heart felt passion. I am very grateful to Dan Hanneman who posed this question to me and opening my world of possibilities. Thank you, Dan!

Here is the question –> If you had a mega phone and only 5 […]

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Empowered Soul – Money Manifesting

Do you feel spiritually wealthy … but this is not mirrored in the reality of your bank account?

I’d love to introduce you to financial intuitive and spiritual teacher, Andrea Hess. I recently met Andrea and have enjoyed her work. Her work is all about “grounding” spiritual wealth into financial wealth and healing the gap […]

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Hand on Heart

Take time each day to connect to your heart. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart or just focus your breath and energy there and stay focused on the beauty of your own heartbeat. You may not feel a deep heart connection right away…… but the effort to reconnect you to your heart […]

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