Dr Robert Pease’s Testimonial regarding Coach Colleen Lilly

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Mas Sajady Free Podcast

Mas Sajady is a gifted healer dedicated to his craft and clients! He spends 12-14 hours a day connected to pure source! He is simply amazing! I met Mas 4 years ago in Minnesota and immediately became connected to him! I could not stop watching his youtube videos! So I booked a session with him […]

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Product Creation VIP Program

In my online coaching program, one of the checklist items in helping healers build their business on a global level, is to help them create products.  Products that are in high demand and are ready to sell.  I have helped all my clients with their product creations which in turn are bundled up into a […]

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Jarrad Hewett’s Infinite Abundance

Listen to Jarrad Hewett discuss his Amazing Infinite Abundance Program. Jarrad speaks to me, Colleen Lilly about how and why he created his Infinite Abundance Program.

This 25 minute interview will give you a better understanding of the power of frequencies and how they can change your life! Especially your money story!

Jarrad went from over $86,000 […]

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Hold a Thought for 17 Sec and it Starts to Manifest! ~ Law of Attraction

Esther Hicks speaks briefly in this video of the importance of holding a thought for 17 seconds in manifesting your desire!  How difficult can that be?

How about creating a money vortex or a love vortex? Imagine how your life will change!  This short 6 minute video has wonderful inspirational and educational points on creating your […]

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5 Levels of Manifesting

Mind Valleys founder Vishen Lakhiani speaks to us about his 5 Levels of Manifesting!

Mild Awareness
Specific Intent
Release of Past Programming
State of Allowing
Personal Bubble of Reality


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First Day of School Today!

Today is the first day of school for most kids in this part of the country! Today there is much expectation, fear, anxiety, excitement, unsettled feelings etc. Today is a day when my two new clients have online interviews!  We have worked together to create a package that best displays their talents, gifts and expertise! […]

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