Helping Healers Build Wealth

I help Healers Build Wealth! Are you a healer or intuitive who is struggling to get your business off the ground? Struggling to find the best way to help clients? Are you not sure what the next steps are for your business? Do you know how to create products and package them for […]

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Hold a Thought for 17 Sec and it Starts to Manifest! ~ Law of Attraction

Esther Hicks speaks briefly in this video of the importance of holding a thought for 17 seconds in manifesting your desire!  How difficult can that be?

How about creating a money vortex or a love vortex? Imagine how your life will change!  This short 6 minute video has wonderful inspirational and educational points on creating your […]

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Izone Healing

Recently I was asked what is the healing modality that I would recommend.  Well, I have experienced so many healing modalities and love them all!  I am grateful to have had the chance to experience a vast array of healing!

The latest and greatest healing modality to cross my path is from Sanjay Nimar called izone […]

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Looking for a Gifted Astrologer

I am looking for a gifted Astrologer who is ready to take their healing business to a Global level!  If you or you know of anyone who is ready to go global with their Astrology business, send me an email and I will get an interview setup right away!

I am looking for an experienced and […]

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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Your Telesummit

Telesummits have revolutionized the way businesses reach out to their targeted audience. If you haven’t utilized these virtual conferences yet to grow your business, now may be the perfect time. They can be live or recorded, span a few hours or several hours over days. They are used to sell or introduce products or share […]

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Work Place Relationships – Shifting Corporate Energy

Do you have relationship issues in the work place?

Do you problems with a coworker or a boss?

Do you feel valued at work?

Are you frustrated with negativity at work?

Do you feel you are in a dead end job?

Imagine working in a happy place?  What would work be like if you enjoyed getting up and going to […]

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Mas Sajady – Quantum Healer, Success Energizer

Quantum Healer

Live thru your Transparent Self Image where you can “choose” a vibrant, healthier you.
*Resolve persistent/chronic health Issues.
*Heighten relationships
*Medical intuitive / Psychic

Success Energizer

Energize core Self Image for rapid achievement.
*Remove self-defeating patterns.
*Instill the image of wealth & remove financial blocks.
*Corporate sessions for improving sales and productivity are available

Here is a short 2 minute video of Mas […]

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