Are you looking to upscale your Healing, Coaching or Consulting Business? Nothing better than VIP days! I find them to be fun and very productive!

What is a VIP Coaching Day?

We spend either a half or whole day together. This can be done in person, on location or remotely via the phone or skype! It is intense because it is just you and me! This is for clients who want a fast track to success or want to start immediately. Perhaps you have had your business up and running, however are stuck and need a jolt to shift it into high gear! Full and half day intensives can get better, faster results..

If you need a jolt in your business and you want a fast track, the VIP day option is best for you! Client VIP days are the shortcut to higher profits.

Imagine what your life could look like a month or two from now…

Lets talk!