Colleen Lilly

The time has come!

My good friend and past client Dr Robert Pease offered me a healthy and wealthy lifestyle! I always knew I eventually would live a more healthy lifestyle after my health emergency in 2014.  Yes it has taken me this long to realize now is the time to take action and become healthy!

Dr Robert told me about Isagenix and how it transformed his health after a year of 3 major surgeries.  He advised how the Isagenix Amped Nox product amazed the doctors in his swift recovery. He gives credit to Amped Nox as the reason he quickly returned to health!  What is Amped Nox I said to myself?  How do I get it?

He further told me about how Isagenix is a binary commission company. Not fully understanding binary commission, I trusted Dr Robert and  signed up as an Isagenix associate!  I ordered the introductory package to learn more about the Isagenix products!

Here is what I learned about Isagenix in my first 3 months!

  1. After 3 months of using the core Isagenix products, my cholesterol dropped 12 points! My doctor can confirm!
  2. I started a healthy lifestyle by creating tasty protein shakes daily! I seriously love them!
  3. I loved the Cleanse for Life product and drink it like a glass of red wine nightly! ( I serve it in a wine glass, seriously! It tastes better! )
  4. I felt amazing and it was effortless!
  5. Even more amazing, I started to get the concept of binary commissions!  While I spent 3 months sampling a variety of isagenix products, I noticed I had 10 people signed up on my team in my back admin area!  What you say?!  How did that happen?  I did not sign anyone up! So I called Dr Robert and asked how did that happen?  I learned that beautiful binary commission structure is a team concept!  People who signed up after me, were added to my team!  How sweet is that?

So this begins my Isagenix journey!  I thank Dr Robert for getting me to use the Isagenix products which I love!  A great bonus is the Isagenix sweet binary commission structure!  Bottom line, I am well on my way to a healthy and wealthy lifestyle!  Thank you God for Isagenix!

Combine my spiritual healing coaching business with Isagenix and my life is Healthy, Wealthy and Spiritually fed!  Life is good!