Recently I was asked what is the healing modality that I would recommend.  Well, I have experienced so many healing modalities and love them all!  I am grateful to have had the chance to experience a vast array of healing!

The latest and greatest healing modality to cross my path is from Sanjay Nimar called izone healing. The first thing that struck me about izone is that it is easy and simple!  I do not have to do anything but sign up!  Very attractive!

Imagine your karmic past being easily and effortlessly erased without you having to experience it over and over! Imagine being healed for 24hrs by a bundle of warm healing happiness frequencies! Imagine healing so subtle that you can not remember what the past issue was or ever experiencing its release!

This is why I love izone healing so much! Such simple and subtle healings all being done 24 hrs – even while I sleep!  Speaking of sleep, that too has been a real joy. I sleep even sounder while the gentle izone frequencies are working their magic on me!

I encourage you to tryout izone healing. I cannot imagine an easier way to heal your life and your karmic past! Then come back here and let me know your experience!

Blessings to you!

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