I want to introduce you to a very fun healing modality. I must say this is truly a fun experience and an easy way to release pain, trauma, fears etc.

I first came across a video of Dr Richard Bartlett, the creator of Matrix Energetics approximately 4 years ago. The video so intrigued me, I could not believe people could fall to the floor by simply touching them gently or being in their energy field. I immediately booked a trip to a Matrix Energetics seminar and I was hooked on Matrix Energetics! Oh my!

The seminars are a ton of fun and you really experience entanglement and the matrix. I attended my first Matrix Energetics seminar with 3 other friends and two of us got into a laughing fit which was incredibly fun! Since our first matrix seminar, we have gone on to attend other seminars because they are just too darn fun! Nonetheless, I learned a lot from Dr Richard Bartlett in each seminar. As crazy fun as he is, he is equally brilliant.

Take a look at a brief introduction to Matrix Energetics and the seminar experience. Know you are playing in the matrix and the energy field is incredibly fascinating. In the process you are healing yourself and others. A super fun energy healing modality to experience!

Dr Bartlett has written a couple of books on Matrix Energetics which can be purchased at Amazon.com. You can learn more about Matrix Energetics at www.matrixenergetics.com