In my online coaching program, one of the checklist items in helping healers build their business on a global level, is to help them create products.  Products that are in high demand and are ready to sell.  I have helped all my clients with their product creations which in turn are bundled up into a profitable package.  Actually one of my favorite aspects of my online coaching business, is to help create products and then bundle them!!

I enjoy it so much that I have decided to “pull out” this component of my coaching program and offer a separate ‘Product Creation VIP Program”  I work one on one with a client for 3 months and we create create & create more products! At the end of the 3 month program, we have a host of products and many future product ideas! It is so fun for me to help create products that we know will sell and can be used on sales pages, websites, opt in pages, squeeze pages etc!  Products that sell today and will continue to sell in the infinite future over and over!

Currently I am working with a Holistic Veterinarian client! While I know little about the veterinarian business, we have already come up with a host of product ideas! We are both very excited about these products and are “in the flow” for many more products!

If you are ‘stuck’ and are looking to create profitable products and packages, consider signing up for my Product Creation VIP Program! I am very happy to help you overcome this block and expand your business on a global level!  I will work one on one with you and we will take your business to a whole new level! Better yet, once you are in my program, you will learn how to create product after product on your own!  If you are interested, let me hear from you. Email me at  In the subject line put Product Creation VIP Program!

Lets get your online business rocking!  I am ready, are you?!