Colleen is like my right hand, were my right hand also equipped with another body, awesome ideas, and even more hands.

The amount of work that we get done together is phenomenal.

Before meeting Colleen, I had three best selling books and a moderate career as a healer, but I was not quite poised on the national or even international stage.

Within the span of four months, Colleen helped me create and market a signature package that tripled my business.

Her insights, connections, and supports have been an invaluable part of growing my brand on a global scale. When she says “be ready to go big,” she means it.

Jarrad Hewett


Before I joined Colleen Lilly’s program, I was a successful energy healer, naturopathic doctor and psychic intuitive with a business primarily based in the Midwest with some national business.

After 4 ½ months in this program, Colleen placed me on over 14 telesummits in the Fall season of 2012.  I am now personal friends with many of the telesummit hosts, have forged strong friendships with many other healers across the country and my business has increased by over 200%.

When Colleen says GLOBAL, she means GLOBAL.  This week, I had private sessions booked in China, Australia and from a military base in Japan.  Can you imagine the difference this could make in your life?  In your business?  In the spread of consciousness and your message?

Colleen is willing to work with your personally and be involved as a coach in every step of the process.  If Colleen has chosen to invest her time in you, the rest has basically “already happened”.  Colleen only chooses to work with people that she believe will radically change the world for the better.

I have new clients, collaborations, media, speaking and program opportunities almost daily.  This is an investment that will pay exponential dividends the rest of your life.

Kimberly McGeorge

Very Cool!! Look at You, Colleen Lilly with 30 per cent of the top Speakers in Darius’s TeleSummit! This is AWESOME!

Jarrad Hewett